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I’m a location scout and manager, not a service representing locations.


I’m hired by photographers, producers and other clients to find locations for their projects.


I combine file pulls with location scouting, customized to fit the needs and budget of each project. Often I do both, first to vet ideas and then to actualize locations.


I'm glad to do management -- clear locations, get permits, make arrangements.


I also work shoot days -- guiding crews, running interference and helping out.

What I Do

How I Work

A location scouting job usually begins when I recieve a comp, a script or set of specs.


I’ll do an initial location file pull to show possibilities and get direction on style.


Potential problems and permit deadlines are identified early. If a location is closed or the fee is too much or a homeowner is in Hawaii, I explore other options.


Sometimes, a location scouting job is limited to following up on a file pull and taking fresh pictures from different angles.


I often do new scouting, customized to the needs of the project.


In order to be sensitive to budget constraints, I tend to work fast. I keep my library current so I immediately know where to find the latest modern house or cool loft.


Securing locations sometimes requires both persistence and alacrity – I have been known to pull off miracles.


More frequently, it’s a matter of getting the client to decide what they want in time to pull a permit.


 Depending on the needs of the producer, once the locations and permits are secured, I hand the job off – or stick around for the shoot.


As a top location scout, I excel at two things: a keen artistic sensibility, plus tons of experience managing productions. My good eye is honed by decades of location scouting, and my knack for taking care of business comes from making my own films.


Have a look around this site, then call or email to tell me more about what you're looking for. There’s thousands more photographs of locations available for the asking – and a head full of new ideas too.


I’m glad to help however I can.


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